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5:00am 11-10-2012
michelle bolanos
My great-great granparents were from Seguin on both sides of my grandmother (Maternal)
I'd love to be able to trace them if anyone can help it would be wonderful...
Great Grandmother was Herlinda Delagarza...
Grandfather was Alfred Ramirez....
8:20am 07-16-2012
Good Monday morning,
Wonder if you could point me in the right direction. Doing a little family history research. My great grandmother was Carolina Martinez from Floresville. Her mother was Maria Leonides Flores (born 1845 in Floresville) and her mother was Maria Leonides Seguin. Do you know where I could go to find if there is any link with Maria Leonides Sequin and Juan Sequin. Any point in any direction will be greatly appreciated. Steven
10:08pm 06-30-2012
Anthony Foley, Sr.
God Bless Juan Seguin and his family. A true Texas patriot and hero!
7:50am 05-11-2012
Jack Dawes
What a great Texas hero. The State of Texas and the family of Co. Seguin must be very proud of him. He should be given a more prominent place in history as he over-shadows a lot of other people. I salute you Col.
6:01pm 04-19-2012
Sharon Jarrell
Thank you for such an informative website on a great Texas hero!
2:27pm 03-23-2012
Joseph I Cruz
Its nice to know that there were Great .Tejanos in American History
12:55pm 02-21-2012
John J. Sanchez
I think My Great-Grand mother ( Leoan Valdas Sanchez ) was related through marriage of her sister to Col. Juan Seguin?
3:02pm 12-11-2011
marlon seguin
I am proud to be a SEGUIN
7:56pm 12-02-2011
Johnny Obenia
Hey it's cool
1:45pm 11-13-2011
Jo Ann Herrera
Great-great-great grand daughter by:
Juan N. Seguin
Jose Erasmo Seguin
Hortencia Seguin Torres (Gil)
Elvira Seguin Torres Garcia
Jose Torres Garcia
Jo Ann Garcia Herrera
Great website!
8:41pm 08-25-2011
HELLO --------
11:05am 07-13-2011
Ronnie Clack
Good information to know. We should all be aware of our history.
2:41pm 06-28-2011
Alondra G
i miss a lotto be there those where my best years i love your school kisses for mrs. garcia
2:41pm 06-28-2011
Alondra G
i miss a lotto be there those where my best years i love your school kisses for mrs. garcia
3:50pm 04-30-2011
Mikaela Spalding
Great info! Was etremley helpful when i was writing my essay on the Alamo
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